Measurements: 8.5 cm -height


Description: A finely rendered Assyrian cast bronze rectangular plaque, probably part of a ceremonial belt or of a quiver fitting. The plaque is composed of a central rectangular band divided in four sections. Each section features raised border and is decorated with the incised depiction of a soldier, shown standing while facing left, holding a shield and a sword. Soldiers are shown wearing the traditional Assyrian robe and helmet.


Assyria’s geographical expansion was achieved through military force. By the mid-8th century BC, Assyrian kings commanded armed forces consisted of professional soldiers from within the borders of Assyria. The plaque is an emblematic example of Assyrian bronze craftsmanship, displaying a fine rendering of the figures and their attributes.


Condition: Fine with some chips to the lower edge and to the centre. Signs of aging on the surface.


Period: Circa 911-612 BC

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