Measurements: 17 cm - length


Description: A spike butted axe head, with cylindrical shaft hole decorated with furrowed ribs leading to four spiked ribs. The blade initially has a short straight shaft, which widens into a crescent shaped head. The blade is decorated in abstract cross-hatching and lines on both sides and the top. This design is very rare amongst blades of this period.  The upper and lower edges are thickened. Spike-butted axes are hallmarks of Luristan bronze weaponry in Iron Age I period. The item comes with a transparent perspex stand.


Period: Iron Age I - 1200-1000 BC


Provenance: German private collection from Cologne.


Reference: The Walters Art Museum

Watson, P., Luristan Bronzes in Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, 2011, nos. 51, 52.


Condition: Very fine, with green patina and encrustation covering the surfaces.

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