Measurements: diameter 10.2 cm, height 6.8 cm


Description: An ancient Near Eastern-Iranian terracotta bowl of a pale sand colour. The vessel displays a nice brown decoration depicting stylised birds and mountain goats, or ibexes, shown facing each other, alternated with panels of geometrical decoration. The composition is framed to the bottom with a geometrically decorated strip.


The presence of the Ibex into decorative friezes, painted pottery or on stamp and cylinder seals was widespread in pre-Islamic Iran. Ibexes were an important source of meat and secondary products such as horns and hides. Its symbolic or religious meaning remains unclear, although in one of the Yast, the collection of 21 hymns dedicated to a particular divinity or divine concept inside the sacred book of the Avesta, the primary collection of religious texts of Zoroastrianism, the god of victory, Verethragna, appears to Zoroaster in various animal forms, including that of a male ibex. 


Condition: Fine, with clear and visible details. The earthenware is slightly worn on part of the surface.


Period: Chalcolithic Period, circa 3800-3400 BC

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