Measurements: length - 37cm; blade length - 14cm


Description: Cast bronze spear-point with a leaf-shaped double-edged blade with wide rounded shoulders and signs of whetting, a flat midrib and straight elegant shank of approximately the same length as the blade, flaring into a square-section and ending with left-angled bend of a thinner tang. This ‘rat-tail’ construction inserted into wooden shaft reduced further splitting upon use. Spearheads of this type is more commonly found in the territories of ancient Western Persia (modern Iran) and were used through late Bronze Age into the Early Iron Age.


Reference: For similar examples see P. R. S. Moorey, A Catalogue of the Ancient Persian Bronzes in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, 1971, item 84, p. 89.

A. MacGregor, Antiquities from Europe and the Near East in the collection of the Lord McAlpine of West Green, Oxford, 1987, p. 128-129.

O. W. Muscarella, Bronze and Iron: Ancient Near Eastern Artifacts in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 1988, no. 171, p. 103.

The Metropolitan Museum


Period: circa 1200-800 BC


Condition: Very fine. Appealing green and olive patination. Nicely preserved. Tip and tang intact.


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