Measurements: 13.99 grams - weight, 3 cm - height, 3.5 cm - width. Weight: 14 g.


Description: A pair of beautiful Nabatean gold earrings in almost perfect condition, each formed in a crescent shaped hoop with a closed hook fastening. The underside is joined to a U-shaped sheet adorned on each side with a row of granulation, with a fringe of miniature granulated triangles interspersed with double rows of granules centered by a plain wire. The ends are topped with a cluster of hollow spheres embellished with granulation. Suitable for modern wear with care. For any adjustments or repairs please consult a jeweller. 


Nabateans were Arab people who inhabited Northern Arabia and Southern Levant. Their assumed capital was the city of Raqmu, now known as Petra. Works of art in silver and gold were their industry according to Strabo. Their gold jewellery was excavated at Petra, Avdat, Mamshit and Qasrawet. The decorations on their jewellery were mostly non-figurative as opposed to human and animal shapes on Hellenistic-Roman pieces.


Provenance: Ex. Jordanian family collection.


Period: 1st – 2nd century AD


Condition: Very fine, intact, with some encrustation.

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