Measurements: 2.1 cm – diameter.Weight of set: 4.17 g.


Description: A set of five Scythian thin gold sheet appliques from Crimea, Dnieper region. Four of the appliques are modeled into flowers with repoussé technique. The fifth applique is composed by six triangles made of red garnet, around a central one, also forming a flower. The price is for the set of all five gold appliques. These delicate objects come from the Crimea in the Ukraine, the region surrounding river Dnieper, where they adorned the clothing of men and women buried there in the fifth and fourth century AD. Sewn onto the sleeves and necklines of the garments, these appliqués are made from thin gold foil, which was punched and pressed to create various patterns. The decoration of festive and official attire with small gold appliqués had a long tradition in the Crimea. Ancient texts describe one third-century ruler of the Bosporan kingdom as wearing a robe decorated with several hundreds of them.


Reference: Further reading: Khanenko, B., Khanenko, V., Sobranīe Khanenko: Drevnosti Pridnieprovʹia (The Khanenko Collection: Antiquities of the Dnepr Region), 1899.


Provenance: Ex. Mayfair gallery (London).


Period: 4th cent. BC


Condition: Very fine, slightly bent, minor encrustations on the surface.

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