Syro-Hittite Bronze Idol

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A small Syro-Hittite Levantine bronze stylized votive statue of a deity with raised hands. The figure is wearing a headdress and has a flattened face with a beak-like nose and wide eyes. It is discernible that the deity is wearing a collar and long robes.

Date: Circa 2nd Millennium BC
Provenance: Property of a London gentleman, acquired from a major Mayfair gallery. Acquired on the London art market before 2000.
Condition: Very fine. Patina covers the surface. The item is mounted on a custom-made stand.
Product Code: NES-30
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The Neo-Hittite civilisation, also known as Syro-Hittite, existed during the Iron Age in modern day northern Syria and Southern Anatolia. The Hittite empire collapsed around 1180 BC. This event was followed by the decline of the Eastern Mediterranean trade networks along with the fall of the major late Bronze Age cities in the Levant, Anatolia, and the Aegean.

Dimensions H 13 cm



Near East (Western Asiatic)

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