Sassanian Opaque Green Glass Button Vessel

£ 495.00

A rare Sassanian vessel made of opaque, light green glass. This beautiful item features a globular body, decorated with raised and dimpled disks applied to the body. A trumped neck ending in a wide mouth and discoid footed base complete the vessel. This type of vessel most likely would have been employed to store perfume or hold any other type of precious liquid, avoiding spillage while pouring. A striking example demonstrating the artistry and absolute quality of the Sassanian glass-making craft.

Date: Circa 3rd-7th Century AD
Provenance: Formerly in a Swiss collection, 1990s, then property of a London gentleman.
Condition: Extremely fine.


Product Code: NES-116

The Sassanian Empire represented a major force in Ancient Persia, competing for the control of the region first with the Romans and then later with Byzantium. Their glasswork and metalwork were already renowned in antiquity, and the imagination and artistry of their craft is clearly witnessed by this piece. In the 7th Century AD, as they were conquered by Islamic forces, their artisans and makers began to create items for new rulers and this provides an explanation of why Persian themes have had such a deep and impactful influence on Islamic art.

Dimensions W 5 x H 5 cm

Near East (Western Asiatic)


Blown Glass

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