Sassanian Silver Boat-Shaped Bowl

£ 950.00

A finely hammered Late Sassanian boat-shaped silver bowl, featuring a smooth, curvy contour that is accentuated by the elliptical form. The walls are hammered to arise from a flattened base and extend into a wide opening with a widened lip. The interior space of the bowl is unworked, differing slightly from other contemporary parallels that are conventionally executed with embossed surface and zoomorphic decoration.

Date: Circa 6th -7th century AD
Provenance: Acquired 1980-2015. Ex Abelita family collection.
Condition: Very fine condition.
Product Code: NES-128

Finely hammered elliptical bowls are well-known in Sassanian metalwork. This type of vessel were used for drinking wine and where known as ‘wine-boats’. An example such as this, without inscriptions or defining decorative features, was most likely used by the lower aristocracy and would have remained local to the area it was made in. Sassanian metalwork has been credited with its complicate and elaborate decorations and excellent executions. Most of Sassanian metalworks reflect strong exotic influences from Tang China and Byzantine aesthetic impacts.

Dimensions W 23.7 cm



Near East (Western Asiatic)

Reference: For similar: The Metropolitan Museum, New York, item 67.201

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