Sumerian Faience Head

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A finely modelled Sumerian faience head, displaying typical Sumerian features, such as the mild smile and almond-shaped eyes, which were presumably coloured with pigments or filled with shells or stones. The reverse appears unworked.

Date: Circa 2nd-1st millennium BC
Condition: Very fine. The head is intact and displays some encrustations on the eyebrows, in the horizontal carved band and under the nose.
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The Sumerians were the first civilisation to settle in the lands of Southern Mesopotamia, between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. This area later became Babylonia and is now known as southern Iraq, stretching from Baghdad to the Persian Gulf. The first civilisation in Sumer was that of the Ubaidians – they actively practised agriculture by draining the marshes for agriculture, they started trade and established new forms of ancient pottery and crafts.

Dimensions W 5 x H 5.5 cm

Near East (Western Asiatic)

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