Measurements: 5.5 cm – height, 5 cm – width


Description: This small faience Sumerian head demonstrates the facial features of the Sumerian style, specifically a characteristic mild smile and almond-shaped eyes, which were presumably coloured with pigments or filled with shells or stones.  The head is a flat and concave in the back part. It has eyebrows, which were inlaid, and a horizontal carved band on the neck. Three small holes are visible on the ears. The back is unworked. The Sumerians were the first civilisation to settle in the lands of Southern Mesopotamia, draining the marshes for agriculture, starting trade and establishing new forms of ancient pottery and crafts.


Reference: The California Museum of Ancient Art


Period: 3000 – 2000 BC


Condition: Very fine. The head is intact and displays some encrustations on the eyebrows, in the horizontal carved band and under the nose.

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