Urartu Matching Pair of Solid Gold Earrings

£ 790.00

A finely modelled pair of matching solid gold pennanular earrings from the Urartu Kingdom. The earrings display a slight bulging at the centre, which can be also found on Cypriot chevron-shaped earrings, dating around the 6th century BC, antecedents of the boat-shaped variety popular in classical times. Weight: 7.81 g.

Date: Circa 9th - 6th Century BC
Provenance: From an important collection of a Japanese gentlemen, deceased, 1970-2015.
Condition: Very fine, suitable for modern wear with modern stud or loop attached. Please consult a professional jeweller for alterations.


Product Code: NES-58

Urartu was an Iron Age kingdom situated between Asia Minor, Mesopotamia, and the Caucasus mountains, in what was later to be known as the Armenian Highlands. The kingdom was centred around Lake Van and corresponds to the biblical Kingdom of Ararat. Urartu refers predominantly to the region, whilst the term “kingdom of Urartu” is used for the Iron Age state that developed in that region. Urartu jewellery, which was worn by both men and women, is predominantly recovered in funeral sites. Beautiful elaborate jewellery, such as rings, bracelets and earrings, comprising gold and silver embroidery such as filigree and granulation, are characteristic of the Urartu goldsmith and silversmith production.

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Dimensions W 1.4 cm

Near East (Western Asiatic)



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