Western Asiatic Gold Boss with Intaglio

£ 4,500.00

An exquisitely decorated large sized Near Eastern-Western Asiatic gold boss featuring an alluring green chalcedony intaglio. The boss, featuring a domed shape with a flat base, comprises gold sheet covering, with a crimped edge, and a beautifully rendered foliage repoussé design. To the centre, an inset vibrant green chalcedony intaglio decorated with the depiction of a standing, spread eagle. The back is plain and it features two attachment loops. This boss could have originally been used as an attachment for garments or part of a larger jewellery composition. Weight: 33.85 g.

Date: Circa 1st – 3rd Century AD.
Provenance: Formerly from a late Japanese gentleman's collection, 1970s-2010s.
Condition: Very fine condition, the black plate has been replaced. The item is accompanied by an independent specialist report and valuation, ref. no.13/07/2021.


Product Code: NES-92
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Many grand civilizations inhabited the area of Western Asia in Antiquity, and their wealth and prosperity is witnessed by the very sophisticated precious metal crafting of jewellery. Gold would have been hammered down to a thin layer and manipulated into different shapes. Gold, electrum and silver jewellery would have featured gold granules, glass and semi-precious stone inlays and detailed engravings. Fine granulation, along with filigree, were at the centre of Near Eastern and Western Asiatic jewellery production and were later adopted by the Greeks, Etruscans and Romans.

Dimensions W 5.1 cm

Near East (Western Asiatic)



Semi-Precious Stone


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