Measurements: 2 cm – height. Weight: 0.8 g.


Description: A beautiful gold attachment in shape of a recumbent ibex from Ziwiye treasure. Animal’s feet are folded under his body, formed of a sheet of gold stamped and cut with separately soldered small suspension loops on the back. The item is mounted on a custom made stand. These items were made to be sewn on clothing.


The Ziwiye treasure was discovered in 1947 and widely dispersed. The identification of the art styles of the treasure is a complex task since the items show Assyrian, Urartian, Scythian and even Achaemenid influence.


Reference: Godard, A., Le tresor de Ziwiye (Kurdistan), 1950, pg. 49, fig. 39.

For similar lots see: Sotheby’s, Schuster Collection, 1989, lot 64. Christie’s, sale 7207, lot 150.


Period: 8th – 7th cent. BC


Condition: Very fine.

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