Roman Emerald Green Unguentarium

£ 250.00

A fine Ancient Roman cast glass unguentarium, displaying a beautiful deep emerald green shade. The shape is similar to that of the ‘cotton reel’ type, common to Roman Egypt, though the body curves more smoothly into the base. The narrow neck and flared mouth were designed for ease of use.

Date: Circa 1st – 3rd Century AD
Condition: Fine, complete and intact. Some earthy encrustation on the surface.


Product Code: RGS-37
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Glass was often the preferred material for storing expensive oils, perfumes, and medicines in antiquity because it was not porous. Glass vessels are found frequently at Hellenistic and Roman sites, especially in cemeteries, and the liquids that filled them would have been gathered from all corners of the expansive Roman Empire. Cast glass vessels, such as this beautiful example, are characterised by thick walls, bright colours and were usually limited in size to small perfumes and unguents containers.

To discover more about the types and uses of unguentaria, please visit our relevant blog post: Roman Glass: Unguentaria and Cosmetics.

Dimensions H 9 cm

North Africa, Southern Europe


Cast Glass

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