European Bronze-Age Decorated Shield Boss

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A very fine European Bronze-Age shield boss with an engraved decorative pattern. The boss features a bronze sheet cast in a circular convex shape with a conical rivet piercing the centre; the other side of the rivet has a bronze loop, used to attach it to the shield. The surface of the shield is engraved with three concentric bands of small hatched triangles. The bronze in the hatched areas is brighter, contrasting attractively with the deep blue-green patination.

Date: Circa 1200-600 BC
Period: Late Bronze Age
Condition: Very fine condition. Patination and encrustation to the surface. A small tear to the edge along with two small holes closer to the centre.
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Shields were an important part of the warrior panoply in the Bronze Age. The main part of the shields would have been made out of wood or leather, but due to their organic nature, very few have survived to this day. Shield bosses were placed at the centre of round shields and were originally intended to deflect blows to the shield. They became more elaborate over time and eventually became more of a decorative feature. Thus many of the shields found were most probably made for ceremonial or funerary purposes; they were too fragile to have had any practical use in combat.

Weight 154 g
Dimensions L 18.6 cm



Southern Europe, Western Europe

Reference: For a similar style of decoration: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, item 12.163.2

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