Hellenistic Bronze Ring with Bull Intaglio

£ 600.00

A finely modelled Greek Hellenistic cast bronze ring, featuring a D-shaped loop and a flat, oval bezel, engraved with a naturalistic rendered depiction of a bull. The animal is shown charging left, ready to leap forward. Much attention is given towards the rendering of the animal’s anatomical features, such as the muscular, tense body and the mane. UK ring size P.

Date: Circa 3rd Century BC
Provenance: From the Jon Lawton Collection.
Condition: Extremely fine, with beautiful green patina.


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The depiction echoes the popular Minoan and Mycenaean theme of gymnasts leaping over bulls. Such practice founds its origin in Bronze Age Minoan courts, and was then continued to be performed during the Mycenaean period. Few examples of gold rings engraved with bull-leaping scenes have been recovered in Bronze Age tombs. In Classical Times, bulls were usually associated with the myth of Ariadne, who helped the hero Theseus to kill the monstrous Minotaur, a bull-headed creature.

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Dimensions W 2 cm



Southern Europe