Medieval Silver Pendant with Madonna and Christ

£ 650.00

A finely detailed, bi-facial gilded silver pendant, composed of an open-work rosette with a high-relief depiction on each side.  One side features the depiction of bearded Christ while on the other side is the crowned Madonna with child. Surrounding both depictions are pierced flower petals, separated into quarters by a cross. At the top of the pendant are two suspension rings from which the pendant would have been hung, possibly originally part of a necklace. Traces of the original gilding visible to both sides.

Date: Circa 15th Century
Condition: Fine, complete and intact with traces of the original gilding. The pendant is suitable for modern wear with care.
Product Code: MS-21
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During Medieval Times, images of the Virgin and Christ would have been used as decorative motifs with moral and educational intents. Such images widely appeared in paintings, decorative arts and jewellery as symbols of Christianity and its denominations. Considering the quality of the piece, the material and the presence of gilding, the pendant would have belonged to a member of the aristocracy or the elite class, most likely used for personal worship, possibly attached to a necklace.

Dimensions H 2 cm



Western Europe

Christian Ideology

Christ, Virgin Mary

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