Osiris Bronze Statuette

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A finely modelled Egyptian cast bronze statuette depicting the mummiform god Osiris, portrayed wearing his standard attire, a close-fitted shroud. His wrists and hands poke out of vertical slits and meet in the centre of his body, just below his chest. He grasps a flail, nekhakha, in his left hand and a short-handled crook sceptre, heka, in his right hand. Osiris also wears the atef crown, consisting of the Upper Egyptian white crown flanked by two lateral plumes, and a uraeus, whose body extends up the crown. His body is mummified and presented on a square block base. The reverse features a suspension loop, suggesting that the statuette might have been worn as an amulet or placed in between the mummy’s wrappings.

Date: Circa 664 - 333 BC
Period: Late Period
Condition: Extremely fine, complete and intact. The piece has been mounted on a custom-made stand, ideal for display.


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Osiris was one of the most significant and important god in the Egyptians pantheon. He is known largely as a god of fertility and of death, becoming god of the underworld. He is usually depicted as a green-faced man, to declare his association with the dead. He appears dressed in a burial shroud and wearing the Atef crown. In his role of lord of the underworld he was associated with each pharaoh as he died and thus was portrayed as a deceased pharaoh, as he is depicted on this figurine.

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Dimensions H 14 cm


Egyptian Mythology



North Africa

Reference: For a similar item, The Metropolitan Museum, accession number X.352.4.