Roman Bronze Fitting with Deities

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A finely rendered Ancient Roman cast solid bronze round-shaped fitting or attachment, featuring the high-relief busts of four of the most important deities in the Roman pantheon: Sol Invictus, Diana, Jupiter and Juno. Jupiter is shown together with his wife and queen of the gods Juno, and he is portrayed with a heavy beard and wearing a draped vest. Sol Invictus appears wearing a radiate crown, while a crescent moon identifies the figure next to him as his sister Diana, goddess of the hunt and wild animals. The deities are modelled in an extremely naturalistic manner with much attention given towards details and facial features. The piece displays a flat, unworked reverse and two short cylindrical shafts, one of which now partially missing.

Date: Circa 1st BC-3rd AD
Condition: Extremely fine. The piece is mostly covered in a dark olive-green patina, due to the oxidisation of the bronze, with areas revealing the underlying brown copper oxide.
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Considering the substantial nature of the piece, this attachment might have been used in Antiquity to embellish and decorate a large piece of furniture or a jewellery box. It was the custom for Ancient Roman elites to have highly decorated everyday life objects, such as jewellery boxes or toiletries tables. The subjects would have varied between portraits of women of fashion, to depictions of gods or natural elements or animals. In this case, the artist decided to use a decorative motif driven from mythology, including four of the most popular and loved deities.

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Dimensions H 9 cm



Southern Europe

Roman Mythology

Diana, Juno, Jupiter, Sol Invictus

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