Syro-Hittite Mother and Child Figure

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A well-crafted Syro-Hittite terracotta figure in the form of a stylised mother, cradling her child in her arms. The standing female has a pinched, animalistic face with a well-defined beak shaped nose. Her eyes are strikingly large and circular, she is wearing a necklace and her hair is styled in a striking coiffure. Her long hair drapes over her upper back. She holds her infant with her left arm, supporting him with her right hand. Some carving, suggesting the modelling of fingers, is featured on the figure’s hands. The body of the figure is extremely smooth. The base is splayed, allowing the figure to stand upright without the assistance of a stand.

Date: 2nd-1st Millennium BC
Provenance: Collection of a deceased London gentleman, 1979-1999 by descent.
Condition: Excellent condition, very mild chipping to the base. Some earthly deposits on surface. The item comes with a custom-made stand. Please note that measurements provided are including stand.
Product Code: NES-119
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The Neo-Hittite civilisation, also known as Syro-Hittite, existed during the Iron Age in northern Syria and Southern Anatolia. The Hittite Empire collapsed around 1180 BC: it was followed by the decline of the Eastern Mediterranean trade networks, and the fall of the major late Bronze Age cities in the Levant, Anatolia, and the Aegean. Terracotta was a favoured material for idols in the Near East. These types of figurines usually have columnar and flat bodies with heads and torsos decorated with appliques and incisions. Some of them might have represented gods, particularly female deities that ensured fertility. However, it is more likely that they represented worshipers. Due to the protruding nose, figurines such as this are characterised as having bird-like faces. They are usually of modest dimensions, and found in graves or under the floors of the houses.

To discover more about the Syro-Hittites, please visit our relevant post: Civilisations of the Ancient Near East.

Dimensions W 3.5 x H 10 cm

Near East (Western Asiatic)



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