A Fine Bronze Applique of Bacchus

£ 600.00

A very fine Ancient Roman bronze applique in the shape of the head of Bacchus, hollow in the back with a protrusion for attachment. Facial features are delicately rendered: his incised eyes are framed by hair decorated with leaves, possibly stylised wine leaves that often appear on bronze heads of Bacchus.

Date: Circa 2nd-3rd Century AD
Condition: Very fine, green patination covers the surface.


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Bacchus, known as Dionysus in Ancient Greek culture, was one of the most important gods in Ancient Roman pantheon and he was often associated with several key concepts of everyday life. One was rebirth after death; his dismemberment by the Titans and his return to life was symbolically echoed in viticulture, where the vines must be pruned back sharply, and then become dormant in winter for them to bear fruit.

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Dimensions W 4 x H 3.7 cm

Southern Europe

Roman Mythology