Large Roman Gold Pendant with Agate and Pearls

£ 1,750.00

A superb Ancient Roman gold pendant set with an oval-shaped agate. A twisted gold band frames the horizontally-set semi-precious stone. Three gold ornaments featuring a large loop and a bow-shaped detail at the top are suspended from the bottom of the pendant. The end of each ornament is decorated with a pearl. The pearl on the left was replaced. The delicate pearls display their iridescent finish, especially when in movement, and compliment the matte cream and brown tones of the agate. The back of the pendant shows the flat greyish-white reverse of the agate secured by the highly polished bezel frame. A gold loop has been added above for suspension.


Date: 1st-3rd century A.D.
Provenance: Private London collection of a lady, deceased, acquired 1970s-2000s.
Condition: Extremely fine condition. The pendant is suitable for modern wear. Small cracks to the reverse of the agate. The pearl on the left attachment has been replaced. The pendant attachment on the right is slightly bent due to age.
Product Code: RES-246
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As in many ancient societies, jewellery was an important social marker used to demonstrate wealth. As a result of the expansion of the Roman Empire, Roman jewellery became more and more elaborate in its designs and materials used, such as precious and semi-precious gemstones. Roman jewellery often reflected the culture the Romans came into contact with, and can be viewed as a testament to the prosperity and power of the Roman Empire. Cameo refers to a method of engraving semiprecious stones in high relief, in contrast with intaglios which were carved in negative. Romans wore jewellery enriched with cameos both to flaunt their sophisticated tastes and wealth, and to demonstrate their devotion to gods or political forces.  Semi-precious stones, such as agate, onyx and sardonyx were popular additions in ancient jewellery.


To discover more about jewellery in the Roman Empire, please see our relevant blog post: Jewellery In Antiquity.

Weight 5.80 g
Dimensions L 3.9 x W 2.4 x H 0.8 cm



Southern Europe

Semi-Precious Stone

Agate, Pearl

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