Pair of Miniature Glass Flasks

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A fine pair of Ancient Roman miniature glass flasks of blue and silver hues. Both flasks feature a flat base, a cylindrical body and a long neck. While one flask appears beautifully and intricately decorated with an applied trail of dark blue glass, creating a mesmerising wavy motif, the second flask appears more simple in the design with two applied handles extend from the flat rim to the shoulders.

NB: The price is for the pair.

Date: Circa 2nd-3rd century AD
Condition: Extremely fine with signs of aging and earthly encrustations to the surface. Beautiful mother of pearl like iridescence on the surface.
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The Romans loved glass for its practical as well as decorative uses. Considering the vessels’ dimension and delicacy, this pair of glass flasks lead back to an all-female environment. Such miniature vessels were used as containers for ointments, powders, balms, and other liquids associated with the toilet, especially perfumes: the small mouth of the two flasks is ideal for slow, careful pouring, while glass was preferred for holding liquids, due to its non-porous, non-absorbent nature.

To learn more about Roman glass, visit our relevant post: How It Was Made: Roman Glass.

Dimensions H 5 cm

Blown Glass


Southern Europe

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