Roman Bronze Bust Applique

£ 500.00

An Ancient Roman cast discoid bronze applique in the form of a female figure, modelled in the round and hollowed to the reverse. The applique shows a woman’s face and chest with styled hair and headdress. The figure, possibly a goddess, displays facial features carefully and expressively rendered.

Date: Circa 1st-3rd Century AD
Condition: Fine with signs of aging and earthly encrustations on the surface. Mounted on a custom made stand.


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Appliqués, such as this fine example, would have been mounted on a piece of furniture or a jewellery box. It was the custom for the Ancient Romans, especially the wealthy, to have highly decorated everyday life objects, such as jewellery boxes or toiletries tables. The subjects could vary between portraits of women, to depictions of gods or natural elements or animals.

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Dimensions L 2.5 x H 3.5 cm

Southern Europe

Roman Mythology