Roman Bronze Caracalla Coin Swivel Pendant

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A Roman provincial bronze coin depicting the bust of the Roman Emperor Caracalla, encased in a silver swivel pendant. The profile of the Emperor is depicted facing right, wearing a laurel wreath on his head. A legend surrounds him, bearing the inscription AVT M AVPH AN[TΩNINOC?], the ending now missing. The reverse of the coin depicts a recognisable figure from Roman mythology; the hero Hercules, fighting the Nemean lion. Another legend surrounds the combat scene, written as AΔΡIANOΠΛITΩN, which can be translated as Hadrianopolis, the city in the Greek kingdom of Thrace.  The coin is framed in silver and the swivel points are wide circular points on either side of the coin. These hinges lead to a decorated ribbed silver handle which twists in the centre to hold a suspension loop.

Date: AD 198-217
Condition: Very fine. Some signs of fading, suitable for modern wear.


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Hercules was bought into the Roman pantheon with the inclusion of Etruscan dominance and was worshipped from the offset as a deity. The hero’s first temple in Rome emerged within the 6th century BC and his popularity continued throughout the Roman Empire. There were various depictions of Hercules, produced on coins within both the Republic and the Imperial Empire. He was shown as a weary, older figure, holding his recognisable club and his lion-skin cloak around his shoulders. The twelve labours were also a common feature on the reverse of coins, some stories more popular than others; the slaughter of the Nemean lion or the beheading of the Lernean Hydra for example. Hercules was a figure that resonated across cultures, recognisable to many and was a figure esteemed by many for his prowess and lineage.  He was an emblem for heroism and a figurehead for an ancestry steeped in tradition and reverence. Emperor’s used his profile to further cement their own lineage by association.

For more information on iconography on Roman coins, please see our blog: Imagery on Ancient Roman Coins

Dimensions W 3.8 cm

Bronze, Silver

Roman Mythology



Southern Europe

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