Measurements: height - 8.5 cm


Description: A finely executed Roman bronze statuette depicting Hercules.  He is shown with cup in his right hand, left arm aloft, nude except for the lion’s skin that he wears draped around his shoulders; the beard finely detailed. The reverse shows the details of the lion’s skin, including the tail of the lion, which hangs below his waist. Hercules is depicted in full nudity which was a practice reserved for greatest heroes and deities in the Greek and Roman world. The lion skin he wears belonged to Nemean lion, a vicious beast whose fur was golden and impervious to mortal’s attacks. The killing of the Nemean lion was the first of Twelve Labours Hercules was famed for.  The cup in his hand possibly refers to Hercules’ drinking habit that was vividly portrayed in Euripides’ Alcestis. Supplied with purpose-made metal display stand.


Reference: Christies sale 2323, lot 145.

Period: 1st - 2nd century AD


Condition: Very fine. Feet missing below the ankles. The bronze otherwise in very fine condition with a rich green patination.

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