Roman Bronze Knife with Minerva Handle

£ 1,500.00

A finely executed Roman bronze knife, featuring a long and narrow bland that has an elegant outline with a curved cutting edge. A round-section collared handle, extends from the blade and is styled into the head of the goddess Minerva, modelled in three-dimensional. The goddess Minerva is portrayed featuring naturalistic facial features, reflecting extraordinary craftsmanship as per its delicate size. She is presented wearing a diadem and a crested helmet, gazing forward with her solemn facial expression.


Date: Circa 3rd-4th century AD
Provenance: European private collection, formed during 1970s-1980s
Condition: Very condition, this object is covered with attractive bronze patina, featuring minor chips around the edge of the knife.
Product Code: RES-185

This well-known typology of Roman household knives (known as ‘culter’) conventionally feature a bronze shaft that is iconically terminated with a head of a warrior or military divinity wearing a helmet. This type was used over a long period during the circa 3-4 century AD. Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom, justice, law, and victory. She was also worshipped as the goddess of arts, trade, and strategy. Ancient Romans equated her with the Greek goddess Athena. Minerva’s image in ancient Roman had a profound aesthetic impact on military-related objects.

Dimensions L 26.6 x W 2.3 cm


Roman Mythology



Western Europe

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