Roman Bronze Statuette of a Silenus

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A finely and naturalistically modelled Ancient Roman bronze statuette of a Silenus or Papposilenus, depicted as an old, bearded man with a corpulent torso, standing with his legs apart, the left slightly advanced.  The figure is shown wearing an animal-skin knotted to the front and balancing on his head a jar or vase, probably to highlight the connection between the figure and the Dionysian context of wine, dance, and music.

Date: Circa 1st- 3rd Century AD
Condition: Extremely fine. The statuette is mounted on a custom made stand, ideal for display.


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Satiroi and Silenoi were ones of the most widespread mythological figures in literature, art and popular beliefs in Classical Antiquity. The mythical figure of the Silenus was usually portrayed as old friendly man, believed to have been the father of the satyrs and the companion and tutor of the god of wine Dionysus, known in the Roman pantheon as Bacchus. Representations of silenoi or theatre comic actors dressed as silenoi with fruit baskets or wine jars balancing to their heads were a popular motif in Greek and Roman art.

Dimensions H 6.6 cm

Southern Europe



Roman Mythology


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