Roman Bronze Strainer Spoon

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An Ancient Roman bronze cosmetic or culinary strainer spoon, consisting of a circular bowl, perforated with five holes, larger hole to the right, which is attached to a decorated handle with an intact suspension loop at the top. The handle has protruding scroll decorations and hooks, as well as a centrally protruding hook near the bowl in the shape of a bird’s head.

Date: Circa 1st-2nd Century AD
Condition: Very fine, with green patination over the whole, a crack running between the middle and lowest hole of the bowl.


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Spoons of this type were used as scoops to extract cosmetics from flasks, boxes and small pots. The fine work and delicate details shown in this beautiful example of Roman everyday items demonstrate the mastery that Ancient Romans had in working the bronze. Putting makeup on was a highly elaborate process in Ancient Roman times, as all the cosmetics had to be prepared beforehand, mixed and then applied with an hourly recurrence, hence being a prerogative of the wealthy. Items such as this one offer us an interesting insight on daily life in the ancient times.

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Dimensions W 2.4 x H 12.2 cm

Southern Europe