Measurements: 12.2 cm − height, 2.4 cm − width


Description: A Roman bronze cosmetic or culinary strainer spoon, consisting of a circular bowl, perforated with five holes, larger hole to the right, which is attached to a decorated handle with an intact suspension loop at the top. The handle has protruding scroll decorations and hooks, as well as a centrally protruding hook near the bowl in the shape of a bird's head. Spoons of this type were used as scoops to extract cosmetics from flasks, boxes and small pots.


Reference: Crummy, N., Details for Colchester Archaeological Report 2: The Roman small finds from excavations in Colchester, 1971-9, 1983, p. 60, nos. 1897-1907.

Hammond, B., Benet's Artefacts of England & the United Kingdom, Current Values, Roman Edition, 2016, p. 273, DI-57123


Period: 1st - 2nd century AD


Condition: Very fine, with green patination over the whole, a crack running between the middle and lowest hole of the bowl.

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