Measurements: 2.5 cm - length. Weight: 2.79 g.


Description: A matching pair of Roman gold earrings: Each hoop shaped, closed-end fastened; decorated with a central shield-shaped plate decorated with beaded wire border around the periphery and forming an inner circle; each with a gold drop and pearl-like bead. For display or modern wear (would not recommend opening the gap in the loop forcibly, but could be attached to modern loop adaptors). Striking or pressing the wire between dies on which the required pattern was engraved made beaded wire. Using plain or beaded wire in various shapes for decorating jewellery is the basis of the filigree technique. The main centres for jewellery production in the Roman Empire were Alexandria, Antioch, Palmyra and Rome. Most goldsmiths in these centres were of Eastern origin. The parallels for these earrings were found in Syria, Asia Minor and Pannonia.


Reference: Higgins, R.A., Greek and Roman Jewellery, 1961, Pl. 54B; Ruseva-Slokoska, Lj., Roman Jewellery, 1991, cat. no. 13a, 13b.


Period: 2nd  century AD


Condition: Very fine, with some light encrustations.

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