Measurements: 1.3 cm – internal diameter


Description: A lovely Ancient Roman gold finger ring of a small size. The ring features a round section hoop and an oval bezel inserted perpendicularly across the shoulders. The bezel is set with a dark jasper flat-topped cabochon, engraved with an intaglio depicting an image of Cupid riding on a dolphin.


This type of representation was a popular subject in Ancient Roman art, being an allegory of love. In Ancient Roman culture mythology, Cupid was the god of love who was capable of making divine or mortal individuals fall in love with his enchanted arrows. Cupid is generally represented as a cute chubby boy with wings, carrying a bow and quiver of arrows. Ancient Roman jewellery was an essential public display of wealth. The most popular type of Roman jewellery were rings, as Romans enjoyed to wear sophisticated rings. This ring, due to its small size, was probably worn by a woman.


Period: 2nd – 3rd Century AD


Condition: Extremely fine. Please mind that the ring’s size is quite small, see measurements for references.

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