Measurements: 4.7 cm – length, 4.7 cm – height.


Description: A beautifully modelled Ancient Roman cast bronze statuette of a bull, depicted in a striding position, with the tail formed into a loop, probably used for suspension. The animal's anatomical features are finely rendered with much attention given towards the modelling of details. A sun resembling mark, possibly a maker’s mark, can be seen at the base of the neck on side of the bull.


Many statuettes of this type have been recovered across the Roman Empire. The subject is thought to be of foreign influence, as either the Apis bull from  Ancient Egyptian culture or the sacrificial animal at the centre of the Greek-Persian cult of the god Mithras. Mithraism was a very popular cult amongst the military in Rome from the 1st up to the 4th century AD.


Period: 1st – 4th Century AD


Condition: Extremely fine condition. The metal is in very good condition, featuring a stunning black patina. A few minor dents are present on one side. The object is mounted on a wooden custom made stand.

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