Measurements: 4.4 cm height


Description: A matched pair of Roman gold openwork plate earrings formed of a slightly convex disc. The plate features concentric triangular piercings forming an attractive pattern and incisions decorating the plate's outer edge. Both earrings have a hook joined to the openwork disk. In the centre of each, a garnet bead is mounted transversely on wire. At the lower edge a trapezoidal bar with loops suspends three pendants, each with a garnet bead at the bottom and a smaller garnet bead inset at the top. Suitable for modern wear.


Reference: Ruseva-Slokoska, L., Roman Jewellery, 1991, item 52.

Christie's sale 9722, lot 398.

Christie's sale 2491, lot 439.


Period: 3rd - 4th century AD


Condition: Very fine, intact, with minor encrustations over the whole.

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