Measurements: length – 13.6 cm, height – 5.7 cm


Description: A Roman marble panther protome, most likely a part of sculptural group, finely polished, high gloss. In the Roman Empire, panthers were faithful companions of wine god Dionysus. Almost sacred the god, he is often depicted riding them on sculpture, mosaics and wall painting. Dionysiac thiasos (procession) was one of the favourite subjects in Roman art. It featured the god and his wife Ariadne in the middle surrounded and followed by various animals such as panthers, lions, tigers and creatures such as satyrs and nymphs. Exotic and wild animals associate to the wild nature of this god, intoxicated behaviour as well as his foreign origin.


Period: 1st cent. AD


Condition: Very fine, broken off at the neck and shoulders.

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