Measurements: 14.7 cm –height, 18.4 cm - width


Description: A bronze Roman chariot fitting in shape of Hercules. Hollow, yet substantial piece. The bust of Hercules is emerging from a shaft with outward-curving leaves an animal heads protruding on both sides. The animals have eyes and beaks incised; they are most likely the depictions of ducks. The bust of Hercules is very fine in details especially the skin of Nemean lion. The lion’s skin has the paws draped over his shoulders and tied in a knot at the centre of his chest. The head of the lion rests atop his divine head, with his curls showing below the lion's teeth.


The First Labour for the hero Hercules was to rid the Nemean plain of the wild, enormous and extremely ferocious beast known as the Nemean Lion. Hercules fired many arrows at the lion, but his skin could not be penetrated with sharp weapons. Thus, Hercules stunned him with his club and realizing no weapons could harm the animal, strangled the lion with his bare hands. After the deed, he skinned him and wore lion’s skin as a protective cloak.


Period: 2nd cent. AD


Reference: Barakat Gallery


Condition: Very fine, with small damage on the back (please refer to the picture). An exceptional and rare item.

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