Measurements: 2 cm – diameter. UK ring size P. Weight: 11.35 g.


Description: A Roman solid gold ring with an engraved eagle. The octagonal bezel features an engraving of an eagle standing on a nest, his wings are alongside his body and they are not deployed. On his left there is an olive branch. He is holding a laurel wreath in his beak. The shoulders of the ring are wide and have decorative scrolls on both sides. The eagle was used as the official emblem of Rome and was the symbol of the Roman military, representing power and strength. It was also associated with Jupiter, the chief god of the Roman pantheon. Each legion carried one eagle standard (aquila) and the loss of the eagle was considered a terrible omen. This particular ring likely belonged to a member of the military elite.


Reference: Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Christie’s sale 2771, lot 278


Period: 1st century AD


Condition: Very fine, intact. Some nicks and indentations to the surface.

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