Measurements: 18 cm - length


Description: A bronze Roman medical and cosmetics instrument. Usually classified as a type of a specialised probe, featuring an elongated flattened, olive-shaped end, with an incised torqued body and decorative rings above. The other end of the instrument terminates in a sharp point. This instrument was probably part of the larger medical or cosmetics kit. 


The fine work and delicate details shown in this beautiful example of Roman everyday item demonstrate the mastery that Ancient Romans had in working and modelling bronze. Deriving knowledge from Greeks, Etruscans, Egyptians, Persians and other conquered peoples, the Romans came up with one of the best and most sophisticated medical system of the Ancient World. The Romans adopted many Greek medical ideas and Greek medicine had a huge influence on Roman medicine. The first doctors to appear in Rome were also from Ancient Greece. Such item would have been used as a medical tool or as an applicator of cosmetics and balms. In Ancient Roman times all the cosmetics had to be prepared beforehand, mixed and then applied with an hourly recurrence, hence being a prerogative of the wealthy. Items such as this one offer an interesting insight on daily life in the ancient times.


Period: 1st – 3nd cent. AD


Condition: Very fine, intact.

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