Measurements: 4 m- height, 1.3 cm- width


Description: An interesting Ancient Roman bronze statuette depicting a seated male figure, shown with his hands tied together. The figure can possibly represents a Barbarian prisoner of war, depicted here wearing a Phrygian cap. The Phrygian cap was a soft, conical cap with its top pulled forward, associated with peoples in Eastern Europe and the Near East – Anatolia, Phrygia, and Dacia. In ancient Roman culture, the Phrygian cap came to be applied to several other non-Roman-speaking peoples, “barbarians” in the classical sense, suggesting that this figure is meant to represent a non-Roman or non-Greek.


Period: Circa 1st- 3rd Century AD


Condition: Complete and intact, with signs of aging and earthly encrustations to the surface. The bronze displays a nice green patina.

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