Roman Gold Ring with Chalcedony Intaglio of Bonus Eventus

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An extremely fine, ancient Roman gold ring, featuring an engraved chalcedony intaglio. The ring features a simple, solid hoop, expanding into an oval bezel. There are two nodules of gold granulation flanking the raised edge of the bezel. Set within is the creamy, grey chalcedony stone, with a flattened top. Engraved within its centre is a male figure, facing left and with one leg bent slightly. He appears mostly nude, except for the chlamys at his back and holds a patera in his right hand. In his left hand he holds two poppy heads. From this depiction and associated attributes we can ascertain that the figure is Bonus Eventus, the Roman personification of ‘good outcome’.

Closest UK ring size: P

Date: Circa 3rd century AD
Condition: Extremely fine. The ring is suitable for modern wear with care.
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Bonus Eventus was a Roman personification within Roman mythology and religion. His name translates as ‘good outcome’. He was originally associated with agriculture and the success of a good harvest, as he sometimes appears with a cornucopia, but as time progressed he also became linked to the general concept of good fortune and success. He was a common depiction on the reverse of coins during the 1st century, especially during the Year of the Four Emperors in AD 69, and this ultimately spread to intaglio decoration.  Just as he is depicted here, the coins would also feature the same bent-knee pose and agricultural attributes. In regards to the latter, poppy heads may have also featured alongside stalks of grain. Poppies were regarded as a symbol of peace and fertility, especially from the 1st century. They were also often paired with cornucopia as a symbol of abundance. With such attributes and associated concepts, it is easy to see why Bonus Eventus was a popular choice for both coins and intaglios. The spread of good fortune was an aspiration for the Emperor and for secular individuals.

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Weight 5.07 g
Dimensions W 1.9 cm



Southern Europe

Roman Mythology

Bonus Eventus

Semi-Precious Stone


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