Roman Gold Wedding Ring

£ 1,500.00

An elegant Ancient Roman gold wedding ring, also known as fede in Latin, featuring a circular hoop with expanding shoulders, and an oval bezel. The bezel is decorated with a thin gold sheet displaying a repoussé depiction of a pair of clasped hands. The ring’s shoulders are further enriched with repoussé lines. UK ring size L. Weight: 3.9g.

Date: Circa 2nd-4th Century AD
Condition: Fine. The ring is suitable for modern wear with care.
Product Code: RES-79
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This exquisite ring depicts the traditional Ancient Roman ceremony of joining hands at a wedding. The nuptial fede was traditionally worn on the fourth finger of the left hand: the Romans believed that a nerve ran directly from that finger to the heart.

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Dimensions W 1.7 cm



Southern Europe

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