Roman Large Stone Stele of Zeus Orkamaneites

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A large, Roman, alabaster stele featuring the depiction of a male bust in relief. He is depicted with one arm raised, resting on his chest. The folds of his himation create a semi-circular composition across the bottom half of the stele, his hand nestled within the drapery. The male figures is depicted bearded, with large almond-shaped eyes and a delicate nose. The top of the stele features a scalloped edge, whilst the base is rectangular. Beneath the figure is an inscribed inscription in Greek:



The supplicant in this case is Sotikos, who is making a vow or prayer (euhyn) to the regional god, Zeus (referenced as Dii) Orkamaneites.

The reverse of the stele is undecorated and rough. It stands on a custom-made stand.

Date: Circa 2nd-3rd Century AD
Provenance: Provenance: Previously exhibited at Festival of Archaeology, Bruce Castle Museum, London (supplied with a copy of photo evidence), July 2011. Ex private London collection, KK, bought in 2008 from an A.D.A member Gallery, central London. Previously ex Hirsch Auction, Munich, auction 254, lot 69 (13/2/2008).
Condition: Excellent. Figure still retains the majority of his features and the inscription is clearly legible.
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Zeus Orkamaneites was a regional Zeus deity, worshipped in Phrygia, near Akmonia, where the cult was situated. Like most regional cults, votive stelae were dedicated to regional deities for their protection. Whilst the vow offered here is not specific, from other such examples, individuals would often supplicate a god for their aid in healing, protection of livestock or agriculture; the local matters that affected simple people. The portrayal of a male figure with one hand raised was typical of stele dedications of this type. Some appear with a full figure, some even as a couple with a husband and wife. The inscriptions were usually in Greek but Phrygian examples also exist.  There were many such cults in Phrygia and were mostly epichoric in nature.

Dimensions H 31.6 cm
Greek Mythology



Near East (Western Asiatic), Southern Europe



Reference: For similar: Bonhams Auction House, London, Antiquities, 21st April 2005, lot 223

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