Roman Marble Panther

£ 4,000.00

A beautifully sculptured Ancient Roman marble protome in the shape of a panther, most likely a part of a sculptural group, finely polished and featuring a high gloss. Facial and anatomical features are rendered naturalistically and with much attention given to details.

This piece has been mounted on a custom made stand.

Date: Circa 1st Century AD
Condition: Very fine, broken off at the neck and shoulders.


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In the Ancient Greek and Roman mythologies and cultures, panthers were considered to be the faithful companions of the wine god Dionysus, or his Roman counterpart Bacchus. The panthers were sacred to the god, who is often depicted riding them on sculptures, mosaics and wall paintings. The Dionysian thiasos (procession) was one of the favourite subjects in Ancient Roman art. It featured the god and his wife Ariadne at the centre, surrounded and followed by various animals such as panthers, lions, tigers and creatures such as satyrs and nymphs. Exotic and wild animals were associated with the wild and uncontrolled nature of this god.

Weight 743.9 g
Dimensions L 13.6 x H 5.7 cm

Southern Europe



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