Roman Ring with Intaglio of Mars

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A finely modelled Ancient Roman gold intaglio ring with a sturdy, segmented band. The ring is with an oval bezel, which holds a green hard stone, possiby chalcedony, engraved with a male figure, possibly a soldier or the Roman god Mars. The figure is depicted wearing a short tunic, and the sword grasped in the left hand highlights his military role. UK ring size V. Weight: 4.3 g.

Date: Circa 1st-3rd Century AD
Provenance: From a private Japanese jewellery collection, 1970's-2010.
Condition: Extremely fine. Extremely fine. The ring is suitable for modern wear with care.


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Intaglio rings were a popular style of jewellery in Ancient Rome and have been uncovered across the full geographic extent of the former Roman Empire. The nature of their individual production meant that designs and details show a wide variety, though there are common themes, such as certain gods, which were especially popular, though more earthly themes also appear regularly. In Ancient Roman mythology Mars was the god of war as well as an agricultural guardian. He was especially important to the Romans because he was regarded as the mythical father of the founder and first king of Rome, Romulus.

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Dimensions W 2 cm


Roman Mythology



Southern Europe

Semi-Precious Stone


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