Measurements: 4.2 cm − height, 10.6 cm − width


Description: A Roman terra sigillata oil lamp with raised and rounded handle, short canal nozzle and one filling hole. The lamp belongs to the type Loeschcke VIII, shoulder form VIIa. The discus of the lamp features a depiction of Eros seated, playing the kithara, a special type of lyre usually reserved for performances; two concentric circles surround the scene. The lamp is marked to the planta pedis CIVNDRAC (the letter N is retrograde), standing for the maker Caius Junius Draco. Draco was a manufacturer from Tunisia, and lamps from his workshop were found across provinces Africa, Gallia Narbonensis and Italia, in particular: Sicily, Rome, Campania and Sardinia. The Loeschcke type VIII, whose early examples go back to Claudian times, experiences a floruit at the end of the first century AD and during the next two centuries.


Reference: For lamps by C. Junius Draco see: Walters, H. B., Catalogue of the Greek and Roman lamps in the British Museum, London, 1914, cat. nos. 499, 985.

Bailey, D. M., Catalogue of the Lamps in the British Museum, London, 1975, nos. Q 1703, Q 1675, Q 1680, Q 1681, Q 1692.

For the discus scene: Bailey, D. M., Catalogue of the Lamps in the British Museum, London, 1975, no. Q 2294.


Period: 1st - 2nd century AD


Condition: Very fine, intact, with some of the red slip gone with minor imperfections in the clay and encrustations. Chipping to the filling hole, and a chip to the left side near the filling hole.


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