Romano-Celtic Bronze Anthropomorphic Brooch

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A Romano-Celtic bronze, tinned, plate brooch of anthropomorphic design. The centre of the brooch shows a stylised face, its eyes, nose and mouth faintly visible but obscured by its surface patination. The elongated features bears resemblance to the Celtic style of figures. The neck of the head extends into two curved finials reaching out over either side of the head, ending in a spherical decoration on each point. The reverse of the brooch is plain, but the original pin holder, catch plate and pin have all been preserved.

Date: Circa 1st Century AD
Condition: Very fine condition with surface patination. The back of the brooch is still intact.
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Small brooches like this one were worn by both Roman soldiers and subjects across the empire. They served both a decorative and practical function, being used to fasten articles of clothing, particularly cloaks. Archaeological evidence suggests that the centres of Roman brooch production were in the provinces of Britannia and Gaul. The design of this plate brooch is simple, but nevertheless it would have served as a symbol of class or status due to its quality and materiality. It is rather uncommon for brooches to show human forms, which makes this piece quite unique. Early plate brooches, of which this is typical, were often more plain in decoration, sometimes tinned or featuring niello inlay. Unusual in form, this brooch could represent the image of a deity with the crescent shape a powerful apotropaic symbol.

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Weight 4.4 g
Dimensions L 2.4 x W 0.6 x H 1.6 cm



Central Europe, North Europe, Western Europe

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