Measurements:  5.8 cm - height


Description: A mould-blown flask in clear glass featuring a pyriform body, narrow neck and folded rim; eight vertical ribs moulded from the shoulder to the underside of the base. Unguentaria were small perfume or cosmetics bottles made of blown glass. They are the most common items of Roman blown glass, equally used in everyday life or deposited as grave goods. Metal oxides were added to the glass to vary its colour and create objects such as this one. Depending on the conditions in the furnace copper oxides in particular were responsible for blue, red or green colour.


Reference: Hayes, J.W., Roman and Pre-Roman Glass in Royal Ontario Museum, 1975, no. 223.

The Metropolitan Museum


Period:  1st  - 2nd  century  AD


Condition: Fine. This item is showing hairline cracks from repairs: a horizontal crack on the bottom, vertical line to from rim to neck and on one side of the body. The item features areas of iridescence and natural earthy encrustations.

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