Measurements: 12 cm – diameter, 5 cm - height


Description: A rare translucent blue green Roman glass bowl, with slightly everted rim and ribbed decoration. The bowl features sixteen  prominent ribs with rectangular tops and narrowing towards bottom, which is slightly concave. A decorative rope border is visible under the bowl’s rim. This stunning bowl shows hues of green and blue, a colour of Roman glass in its natural state, which resulted from the iron oxide present in the silica or the sand.


Glass bowls with ribbing have been made since the Hellenistic period, from the 1st century BC into the first few decades of the 1st century AD. This bowl would have been formed by blowing a bubble of glass into a mould, creating the ribs on the vessel’s external surface and leaving the areas between the ribs extremely thin. The bowl’s crafted ribs allow for light to dance on the glass’s textured surface, giving depth and weight to this magnificent object.


Reference: The Metropolitan Museum

Further reading on the making of ribbed bowls: The Brooklyn Museum


Period: 1st century AD


Condition: Very fine. Encrustations on the surface. Two minor stabilized stress cracks below the rim and one diagonal stress crack across the bottom. The bowl is intact with the exception of one small rounded hole in the thinnest part of the wall. Please refer to photos above for condition.

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