S O L D

Measurements: 14 cm – height, 6.6 cm – diameter


Description: A large cylindrical bottle in pale green glass. A large body leads to a short, narrow neck and a wide stepped collar rim. An applied handle trails from the rim to the top of the cylindrical body. This is a rare piece of great size. This flagon is in quite a standard size, although they tend to be bigger. They were used to store wine, ales and oils. This piece has the colour of ancient glass in its natural state - bluish green that resulted from the iron oxide present in the silica or the sand.


Reference: Bergman, S.M., Oliver, A., Ancient Glass in the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, 1980, no. 80.

Hayes, J.W., Roman and Pre-Roman Glass in Royal Ontario Museum, 1975, nos. 363, 364.

The Metropolitan Museum


Period: 4th  century AD


Condition: Very fine. Areas of encrustation and silver iridescence but much of the original glass is still visible and clear. Minor surface flaking of iridescence.

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