Measurements: 11 cm – height, 3.2 cm - width


Description: A piriform shaped juglet in pale green glass featuring an applied handle trailing from the rim to the top of the globular body. Trailing and indentations left from trailing are still visible to the neck of the jug. The majority of original trailing has fallen away through time. This vessel was likely used for storing scents and oils. This piece has the colour of ancient glass in its natural state - bluish green that resulted from the iron oxide present in the silica or the sand.  Roman glass was not colourless by nature. This piece was decorated with the technique of trailed threading where molten glass threads in contrasting colours were wound onto the body of the hot vessel in a spiral.


Period: 2nd  - 3rd  century AD


Reference: Auth, S.H., Ancient Glass at the Newark Museum, no. 360.


Condition: Very fine. Original trailing is missing for the majority, although some does remain to the top and indentations still exist. An attractive yellow-silver iridescence covers the surface.

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