Measurements: 11.5 cm – height, 10.5 cm - diameter


Description: A large Roman blown-glass jar with indented sides. The piece features a globular body, however observed from above it has a more pentagonal shape because of the indentations. It has a wide rounded shoulder and a short funnel neck with a flaring collared rim. The base is indented with a pontil mark. The vessel is opaque and covered by encrustation on the inside and slight iridescence on the outside surface. This jar was transparent in its original state because de-colorants such as manganese or antimony were added in order to produce transparent glass without the natural green-bluish hue that was a result of iron oxides in the sand.


Reference: Matheson, Ancient Glass in the Yale University Art Gallery, 1980, no. 310.


Period: 2nd – 3rd cent. AD


Condition: Very fine, intact. Encrustations to the interior.

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